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photographed by Keldon Ray

photographed by Keldon Ray

Meeza Gee is a New York City based makeup artist specializing in editorial and fashion makeup. Since her youth, she was inspired by fashion editorials from the spreads in Vogue and their ability to immerse her in a mood, culture, or new environment. Growing up, Meeza was encouraged to follow a more conventional path, earning a degree in Psychology and eventually leading her to a career in mental health. But a traditional career path could not fulfill a truly creative heart, so Meeza decided to completely change course. While building her first makeup kit, she began doing trade photoshoots in North Carolina. Meeza was able to collaborate with key photographers, designers, models, and clients that allowed her to reimagine the fashion and editorial makeups that first inspired her to do makeup, as well as get featured in a few fashion publications. Seeing momentum grow so quickly as a self-taught makeup artist triggered the thought of pursuing technical training at The Make-up Designory in New York City. It was during this intensive training that she cultivated precise technique and refined design aspects of makeup artistry for TV, film, and print from some of the most experienced and knowledgeable makeup and hair artists in the field.

As a recent graduate of MUD’s 392 hour Fashion Program, Meeza continuously works on editorial, fashion, and beauty in the print world as well as behind the runway. New York City also continues to serve as a source of constant inspiration through its diverse people, culture, experiences, and tangible electric energy.

She looks forward to carving her place as a makeup artist in the fashion world, designing memorable makeup looks, and contributing visually to culture and upcoming social shift. She continues to evolve as a makeup artist and refine her design technique and execution, as well as seek out opportunities that allow her to represent her vision in the fashion world and inspire others to see beauty in all forms.

with model Lauren Chapman, on set for designer Lisa Hoang photographed by Nathan Richards

with model Lauren Chapman, on set for designer Lisa Hoang
photographed by Nathan Richards