All of the Lights

Fall season is here and as a North Carolinian, that means the annual state fair. I rarely ride any of the rides, but I have always loved gorging myself on the amazing food and being around the energy of the fair. I am especially inspired by the aesthetic of the colorful and flashing lights of the attractions on a crisp, fall day. I knew I had to collaborate with a team and take advantage of the fair being in town.

Cassie writes a fashion blog coined Disingenuously Dressed and I have always loved her style. I sought her out to model for this shoot, as her clothing style ranges from quirky and fun to sleek and sophisticated. I thought she would be perfect to bring some contrast to backdrop of all the lights, but would also be able to put together a look that compliments the fair without losing her as the subject for these images. I've also been working quite frequently with Burlington based photographer Heidi Florence, so when we discussed shooting at the fair, not only was she 100% down for it, but I knew without a doubt that she would be able to capture my vision so well. 


Makeup wise, I wanted to create a look that was colorful enough but also had warm/neutral colors that emulated the autumn season and wouldn't overpower the face.

For this look, I balanced bright rose pinks on the lid with a warm brown color in the crease of the eye. A soft nude rosey shade for the lip gave Cassie just the right amount of color while keeping the entire look fairly soft. I kept the skin matte due to the lighting outside that day (some overcast is nature's soft box!). This allows for Cassie's skin to look smooth and clean.


Cassie's second outfit was on the edgier side with a little more spunk, so for this look I wanted to emulate the feel of her wardrobe. I added a touch of bright yellow shadow on the edge of Cassie's brow bone to add a brighter pop of color and darkened the rose pinks on her lid. I buffed out some of the brown tones originally in the crease of her eyes and built on top with some deep, coppery orange tones. I darkened Cassie's lip by mixing the pink lipstick from her first look with a brown nude gloss (think the popular brown lippie color that dominated the 90s). I also added some highlight to the high points of her face because the sun was setting and I wanted the warm light to catch and give Cassie a glowy look. 

We all had a blast walking around the fair and eating food in between shots. I can't thank these ladies enough for their time and energy they put into this. I have said this before but it can't be said enough..I am INCREDIBLY lucky to have met the people whom I've collaborated with thus far.  


Til next time!

xoxo War Paint

Meliza Generoso