Lately, I've been focusing on how my work conveys my long term goals as a makeup artist. 

I'm honestly still trying to figure it out. I've realized that it not only takes a thirst and dedication to learn and hone your skills as a MUA, but it also takes honesty with yourself and an open mind to truly figure out what kind of artist you want to be. 

First and foremost, I know I want to work in fashion, particularly designer campaigns (like the full page ads you see in Vogue), runway, and editorials. But I also would love to eventually learn special FX makeup and work in TV, movies, and film (my love for makeup began in high school theater). Really, I have the power to go as far and wide in the makeup world as I want. 

Being that I know I really, really want to work in high fashion, I got advice from a fellow makeup artist. Editorial makeup is all about clean, natural looks. Of course there is the extremely creative side to editorial makeup, but there is a high demand for youthful and simple. I needed this look in my portfolio STAT!

When I thought about how I would execute a clean, editorial look, I realized I would have to look at makeup a different way than I was currently. I had mostly worked with powders, but because I was going for a very glow-from-within look, I had to stick to mostly creme and liquid products so that the shimmery properties of the base products would not get "lost" under powder-based makeup. I was nervous working with creme/liquid products on a photoshoot (I've used them on myself before but never on someone else), but I am so proud of how the makeup turned out. This just goes to show that taking a risk - even if its just doing something different from your norm - can have major payoff.

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photographer // Heidi Bee Photography (@heidibeephotography)
model // Maria (Ellie) Flores Fernandez (@org.mariae06)
mua // War Paint Artistry

products used:
face // ipkn flash cream radiant primer / marcelle BB cream in golden glow / it cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer in neutral medium / manna sheer goo shimmer lotion / make beauty skin illuminator in llos / karity blush & bronze palette / tre'Stique highlight stick in maldives luminescent / elf all over color stick in pink lemonade / urban decay b6 priming prep spray & de-slick setting spray / pixi glow tonic / airspun loose face powder in translucent extra coverage

eyes & brows // juvia's place nubian palette / maybelline great lash mascara in black / elf brow gel in medium brown / nyx cosmetics control freak clear brow gel

lips // karity creamy lip palette

the process: 
As you can probably tell from the product listing, this look required more attention to the prepping of the skin and the base of the makeup. I prepped the model's skin with the glow tonic in order to make sure her face was completely clean of any oils and dirt, then used a light layer of the B6 spray in order to balance and nourish the skin for a healthy glow. Then I mixed the IPKN primer (which has some shimmer to it) and a BB cream (to add a touch of bronzy color), and applied all over the face with a blending sponge. I added extra glow to the high points of the cheekbones and under the brow bone with the MAKE skin illuminator, then added some extra moisture as needed with the shimmer lotion. I decided to keep the model's brows simple for this look and "microbladed" with the elf brow gel and a thin angled brush only where there were gaps in between hairs. I shaped the tails of the brows to a sharp point and used a clear brow gel to brush out the eyebrow hairs. In keeping with the natural look, I kept the eyeshadow to neutral colors. A touch of bronzer, highlighter, and blush in the right places, and a light lip color to keep the look fresh. Mascara for a pop of the eyes and there you have it!


p.s. - Major thank you to Heidi and Ellie for traveling to collaborate with me on what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful shoot. Thank you guys for trusting my vision and incorporating your own styles. A huge hug and a thank you to my girl Marissa for letting me dump my makeup kit all over your desk, move all your living room furniture into your bedroom, and for dreaming big with me. Your bottle of Pinot Noir is coming <3






photo by @heidibeephotography

photo by @heidibeephotography

sidenote --
Pursuing art, in any form, works like a cycle - from my experience. There are days you are inspired and restless, hungry for experience and the ability to create is overwhelming. You have organic moments where you improve your artistry to a new level and are genuinely proud of yourself. You find renewed passion in your chosen art form, and you are searching for ways to continually grow because - simply - it makes you happy. Then life takes over, you get busy, you have to put creativity on hold to manage "real life", because you're an adult. You go through the motions, doing what you have to in order to get by. Things become dull and apathy sets in, until you come to the realization that you should be doing more with your time and energy. You find inspiration again, and if you're smart, you keep on going. As makeup artistry cycles through my life, I've gotten to a place where I learned I have to consciously push myself forward...so even with the inevitable downs, I know I'm getting closer to my goals.

Meliza Generoso