NYC x War Paint

I just came home from a three day trip to NYC. When I woke up in my own bed on my first day back in North Carolina, I felt off; it was like life had been moving much slower here than I realized. 

I went with the sole purpose of planning for a future in New York. My first few days there, I was surprised that the city didn't overwhelm me quite as much as I had anticipated. I actually met some very cool and down to earth people while bar hopping. I was given life altering advice from an Irish bartender in Manhattan. I felt a sense of calm and peace while checking out the Upper West Side and could see myself coming home there. I thoroughly enjoyed sun bathing in Sheep Meadow at Central Park. I loved that there was always a unique shop or food place around every corner. I loved the graffiti that covered Brooklyn. I'm excited to start school in the Financial District. I can't wait to be surrounded by people who are driven and colorful.

It's hard to think that I could miss a city so much after only being there for three days. And of course, I realize there is still a lot more to learn about the city and that you can't fully experience it in its entirety in only three days.
It was single handedly one of the most humbling and exciting experiences of my lifetime.

I can't wait to be a New Yorker.


Meliza Generoso